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Application of ISO 14000 to Information Technology Governance and Management

19 de June del 2019

Our colleagues J. David Patón-Romero, María Teresa Baldassarre, Moisés Rodriguez and Mario Piattini have published in the magazine Science Direct the article "Application of ISO 14000 to Information Technology Governance and Management".

Sustainability is a reality and a necessity for all in all areas, the changes that are occurring with respect to environmental sensitivity force organizations to adopt a new approach, this leads to the creation of standards that help all types of organizations achieve sustainable development, as the family of standards ISO 14000.

However, the ISO 14000 family of standards is too generic and does not address specific areas that are highly relevant for organizations in the pursuit of sustainability, such as the area of Information Technology (IT).

The implementation of Green IT initiatives has become a priority for the environmental sector, in this study is carried out the inclusion of the family of ISO 14000 standards in IT.

Thanks to this proposal, organizations have a standardized guide when implementing the Green IT system, as well as in the search for international certifications and recognized in this field.

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