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Towards a software quality certification of master data-based applications

12th March 2020

Our colleagues Fernando Gualo, Ismael Caballero and Moises Rodriguez have published the article Towards a software quality certification of master data-based applications in the magazine Software Quality Journal fro the publisher . Summary Master data management (MDM) can provide an integrated and unified view of key business entities to offer better support in business processes. Due to the very nature of master data-based applications, it is possible to use data with the highest possible level of quality. MDM can help ensure that some common concerns, like duplicates or inconsistencies, are prevented by sharing a ‘single version of the truth’ throughout the organisation, and, in some cases, allowing collaborative updates to the master data repository. Therefore, assuring the reliability of master data-based applications, would improve the organisation efficiency. This type of application should implement a set of functional requirements covering the basic operation of MDM principles. We propose a solution based on the evaluation and certification of ‘functional suitability’ of MDM applications. As part of our proposal, we inferred a set of functional requirements from parts 100 to 140 of ISO 8000. This set will be used as a reference in the required matching to compute values for each one of the metrics, properties, subcharacteristics and ultimately, functional suitability following a bottom-up procedure. Finally, the paper also describes the application of the evaluation procedure of an existing master data-based application.

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