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Visits by secondary school students

21th February 2022

PHOTO: Professor Ruiz showing the D2CR website to students visiting ESI.

Our colleague Francisco Ruiz has participated in the visits of high school students to the Escuela Superior de Informática. Professor Ruiz explains to them the importance of data in many aspects of today's life and shows them as an example the system realized in the project. D2CRto analyze the phenomenon of depopulation in the province of Ciudad Real and each of its municipalities. High school students can see the importance of starting from a good data design (data architecture), using appropriate technology (in this case Business Intelligence software) and creating tools designed for the user (friendly and intuitive interface). From tens of millions of data, students see, through tables, graphs and maps, the evolution of 'their towns' (since 1900) and the current situation in various aspects: population pyramid by sex and age, migrations (where people go and where they come from), births and deaths, economic situation (income level, companies, ...) or labor market, among others. The central message that Professor Ruiz conveys is that, just as a doctor must know about medicine, but his or her professional goal is to cure the sick, a computer scientist must know about technology (hardware and software) to help others (people and companies) to solve data management problems. Information technologies are the medicines that allow us to help others by creating things that are useful to them for many different purposes (play, health, economy, teaching, science, etc).

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