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DQIoT project successfully concluded

10th November 2020

After the work carried out over the last three years, the Alarcos Research Group , together with an international consortium of universities and companies, is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the international project “ DQIoT : Development of a platform for the management of Data Quality for IoT Product Service Life Cycle Management - A Gas Turbine Case ”has been successfully concluded.

DQIoT is a project with the EUREKA seal (ID: E! 11737) subsidized by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) under the INNOGLOBAL 2017 program: Aid for R&D Projects in International Cooperation (ID: INNO-20171086) supported by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

The project has addressed the development of a platform for the management of data quality in the management of the service life cycle of IoT (Internet of Things) and SCP (Smart, Connected Products) products. This platform has defined the processes related to data quality management based on the family of international standards ISO 8000 (Parts -61 and -62). The platform developed allows complementing IoT deployments, guaranteeing the quality of the data used, notably increasing the success of the investments of the interested companies.

The DQIoT platform has been successfully applied in an Industy 4.0 environment in a gas turbine system provided by Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (Sweden), in addition to other companies in Spain.

We want to thank the effort and cooperation of all the members of the consortium:

      • MYONGJI University (South Korea)
      • Lucentia Research Group - University of Alicante (Spain)
      • GTOne (South Korea)
      • Lucentia Lab (Spain)
      • AQCLab / IE (Spain)

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