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MAMD v3.0 released for free download

21 de May del 2020

The Alarcos Group has been researching in the field of quality of information systems for more than twenty-five years. As part of this activity, some of its members actively participate in the development of different international ISO standards related to the quality of information technologies. Among these standards are those related to data quality and data governance for more than twenty years.

The Grupo Alarcos, in collaboration with DQTeam, spinoff of the UCLM and with the AQCLab, the first Spanish laboratory accredited by ENAC for the evaluation of software and data quality, has developed the "Modelo Alarcos de Mejora de Datos (MAMD)", which is in accordance with ISO 8000-61 e ISO 8000-62.

AMD captures existing good practices in data management, data quality management and data governance. This model is a framework that organizations can use to guide their data quality and data governance initiatives. data governance. It also includes an organizational maturity model for good practice in these disciplines.

One of the great advantages of the model is that it can be certified by an international standard.

After the lessons learned through different case studies and certification pilots, the team has decided release the third version of the model for free.

Download here MAMDv3.0

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