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1st National Meeting of the Mexican Thematic Network of Software Engineering, 2022 (REDMISOFT'22).

14 de February del 2022

Our colleagues Ignacio García and Mario Piattini have participated as lecturers in the 1st National Meeting of the Mexican Software Engineering Thematic Network, 2022 (REDMISOFT’22).

The Mexican Software Engineering Network (REDMIS) aims to identify the current state of Software Engineering research and practice, in order to define the foundations that will lead to the generation of scientific knowledge and collegial best practices for use in industry.

Both Mario Piattini and Ignacio García have summarised activities carried out in the framework of the aQuantum, the joint research unit between the Alarcos Group and the company Alhambra. More specifically, Mario Piattini dealt with "Quantum computing: the essence" and Ignacio García with "Quantum Software Engineering: Talavera Manifesto, how it going on".

Also participating as lecturers were professors Héctor Pérez & César Guerra from the UASLP (Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí), members of aQuantum Network, with the presentation "Quantum Software Engineering: the practical application of 'quantum computing'"; and a Work Plan Session "Quantum Software Engineering Initiative in REDMIS" was held.

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