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Ismael Caballero gives a Webinar on data quality to Telefónica HISPAM professionals

05 de May del 2022

On April 6th, our colleague Ismael Caballero was invited to give a webinar on Data Quality to Telefónica HISPAM professionals organized by José Luis Sanzana.

The webinar reviewed some basic concepts of data quality related to the measurement, evaluation and improvement of data quality, presented the ISO 25012, ISO 25024, ISO 25040 standards, talked about the importance of inventorying and cataloging the business rules that govern the validity of the data during the process of evaluation and improvement of data quality, and finally presented a case study of an organization that received from AENOR INTL a certificate of the data quality level of a data repository. After the initial talk, some aspects were discussed such as the need to share among different working groups the business rules inferred to validate and enrich them, and as a way to facilitate the sharing of results among different groups.

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