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  •   NEWS YEAR 2023

  • Follow-up meeting of the
    coordinated project QSERV

    31th March 2023

    Our aQuantum colleagues Moisés Rodríguez Monje, Macario Polo Usaola, Antonio García de la Barrera Amo and Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán participated, last Friday 24th March, in the follow-up meeting of the QSERV national call project....     Read news

    Coral Calero Keynote speaker
    of the XP2023 conference

    29th March 2023

    Our colleague Coral Calero will be one of the Keynote speakers at the XP conference 2023. XP is the leading conference on agile software development that combines research and practice...     Read news

    Mario Piattini, Coral Calero y Félix García entre los mejores investigadores en informática de España

    27th March 2023

    Our director Mario Piattini is among the best computer science researchers in Spain, according to the ninth edition of the ranking...     Read news

    Quantum Software Engineering
    & QuantumPath®

    23th March 2023

    Our colleague Mario Piattini, together with Guido Peterssen and José Luis Hevia from aQuantum, have coordinated the book "Quantum Software Engineering & QuantumPath®" published on Amazon in English, available in both Kindle and paperback versions...     Read news

    Data Analysis with
    Power BI

    21th March 2023

    During the months of February and March, Professor Francisco Ruiz, a colleague of the Alarcos group, has taught at the ESI the classroom course "Data Analysis with Power BI", dedicated to learning how to carry out data analysis and visualisation projects with the Microsoft Power BI tool, considered the world's leading technology...     Read news

    Mario Piattini, "Award of the General Council of Computer Engineering Colleges"

    17th March 2023

    Our colleague Mario Piattini, has received the Award of the General Council of Colleges of Computer Engineering...     Read news

    Research Methods in
    Computer Science

    13th March 2023

    Our colleagues Marcela Genero, José Antonio Cruz-Lemus and Mario Piattini, together with Oscar Díaz from the UPV , have published the book "Métodos de Investigación en Informática" on Amazon, available in both Kindle and paperback versions...     Read news

    Lecture on Quantum Computing
    at I.E.S Torreón del Alcázar

    13th March 2023

    Our aQuantum colleague, Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán, has given a talk on the basic concepts of Quantum Computing to students and teachers of the I.E.S. Alcázar del Torreón (Ciudad Real)...     Read news

    Green algorithms: the road to more
    sustainable artificial intelligence

    10th March 2023

    On 3 March, On 3 March, the Digital newspaper ABC has published an article entitled "Green algorithms: the path towards a more sustainable artificial intelligence" in which our colleague @CoralCalero was interviewed as an expert on the subject and director of the Green Algorithms area...     Read news

    Mario Piattini, "Castilla-La Mancha 2022 Award for Research and Innovation"

    07th March 2023

    Our colleague, Mario Piattini, has received the Castilla-La Mancha Research and Innovation Award...     Read news

    LAST SEATS for the Continuing Education Course in Quantum Software Programming (2nd edition)

    02th March 2023

    The course, which will be held entirely online, will take place between April and October 2023, with a total load of 14ECTS...     Read news

    A Systematic Analysis
    of Security in Blockchain

    28th February 2023

    Our colleague Manuel A. Serrano together with María Isabel Ortega, Julio Moreno and Eduardo Fernández-Medina have presented the research article "A systematic Analysis of Securiyt" in the Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 39 No. 1, pp. 197-222...     Read news

    Ismael Caballero, new member of the Scientific Committee of the XXXVI International Congress of ASEPELT

    23th February 2023

    Our colleague Ismael Caballero has joined as a member of the scientific committee of the XXXVI ASEPELT International Congress to be held in Évora (Portugal) from 5 to 7 July 2023. You can find all the information about the ASEPELT Congress at     Read news

    The First Edition of the Data Management
    and Data Governance Course has ended

    20th February 2023

    The first edition of the Data Governance and Management Course, organised and directed by Alarcos Group professors Ismael Caballero and Ricardo Pérez as part of the collaboration agreement between UCLM and DAMA Spain, ended on January 30th...     Read news

    Maintenance and Evolution of Information
    Systems, 2nd ed.

    17th February 2023

    Our colleagues Ricardo Pérez, Ignacio García, Francisco Ruiz, Macario Polo and Mario Piattini have published the second edition of the book "Mantenimiento y Evolución de Sistemas de Información" on Amazon, available both in Kindle and paperback versions...     Read news

    Women's and Girls' Day
    in science

    15th February 2023

    Our colleague Marcela Genero interviewed by CRTV on the international day of women and girls in science, you can see the interview from minute 12 of the video ....     Read news

    Código verde: Houston
    tenemos un problema

    14th February 2023

    Last February 2, Coral Calero gave the talk "Green Code: Houston we have a problem" to the students of the Higher Technical Degree in Training for Safe and Sustainable Mobility at Torcal Autoescuelas y Formación de Málaga....     Read news

    Architecture, design and programming
    of web applications

    13th February 2023

    Our colleague Macario Polo has published the second edition of the book "Architecture, design and programming of web applications" on Amazon, available in both Kindle and paperback versions...     Read news

    Women's and Girls'
    Day in Science

    10th February 2023

    On Friday, February 10, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of women and girls in science, our colleagues Coral Calero, Elena Desdentado and Olivia Poy, gave a talk-workshop on the energy efficient use of software applications...     Read news


    09th February 2023

    Our director Mario Piattini has been part of the jury of Information and Communication Technologies of the FRONTIERS OF KNOWLEDGE AWARDS XV edition of the BBVA foundation, which this year has been awarded to Professor Alberto Sangiovanni Vicentell...     Read news

    ALBA (mejora de la ciberseguridAd y su sostenibiLidad en Beneficio de la sociedad y de las personas)

    07th February 2023

    Our colleague Manuel A. Serrano, together with David G. Rosado and Eduardo Fernández-Medina from the GSyA Research Group, will lead the ALBA project for the next 2 years, in which Luis Enrique Sánchez and Antonio Santos-Olmo from GSyA will also participate....     Read news

    QU-ASAP (Quantum Software Modernization

    03th February 2023

    Our aQuantum colleagues from the Alarcos group together with researchers from the SciCom group in Ciudad Real and Talavera have obtained funding for the QU-ASAP project (Quantum Software Modernization Prototype)...     Read news

    Quantum Software Programming
    Course 2nd edition

    01th February 2023

    After the success of the first edition, professors from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Talavera de la Reina and the E.S. Informática de Ciudad Real of the University of Castilla-La Mancha are organizing the second edition of the Quantum Software Programming Course. The course, which will be developed entirely online, will be held between April and October 2023...     Read news


    30th January 2023

    Antonio Minguillón Roy and Julio García Muñoz, together with our colleagues Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán and Mario Piattini, organize the course "EXPERT IN CYBER SECURITY AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDITING FOR THE AUDIT OF PUBLIC FUNDS"...     Read news

    Call for papers for the SISTEDES 2023 Conference, organised by the Alarcos Group, has been published

    25th January 2023

    The Alarcos group organizes the Sistedes 2023 conference, held annually, which is the reference forum of the Software Engineering and Software Development Technologies Society (SISTEDES)...     Read news

    Mario Piattini gives the conference "Introduction to Quantum Computing" at the Universidad del Bío-Bío

    20th January 2023

    On January 19th, our colleague Mario Piattini was invited to give a lecture on Quantum Computing for teachers and senior researchers at the Universidad del Bío Bío (Chile)...     Read news

    Data Analysis
    with Power BI

    17th January 2023

    Our colleagues Francisco Ruiz and Marcela Genero organize a self-taught course at ESI to learn quickly (20 hours) to do data analysis and visualization projects using the Microsoft Power BI tool...     Read news

    Doctoral Symposium at the XXVI Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering (CIbSE 2023)

    11th January 2023

    Our colleague Aurora Vizcaíno together with Sheila Reinerhr will organise the Doctoral Symposium at the XXVI Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering (CIbSE 2023) to be held in April 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay...     Read news

    Adaptive Governance Model with
    a Sociotechnical Approach

    09th January 2023

    Our colleague Mario Piattini together with José Antonio Ortega Barros and Óscar Pedreira from the Universidade da Coruña have presented the paper: "Adaptive Governance Model with a Sociotechnical Approach" at The Hawaii ...     Read news

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